American Art by American Artists One Hundred Masterpieces 1914 Book of Prints

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American Art by American Artists One Hundred Masterpieces representing the best work in pen-and-ink and in color of Twenty-seven Celebrated American Artists. New York: P.F. Collier & Son,

1914. First edition.

30 x 35 cm

Bounded with two metal posts at spine (as issued) to hold in the 100 single sided prints
on thick, glossy paper.

A collection of American artists and illustrators includes the work of:

Maxfield Parrish, I have taken photos of all the Parrish prints

Fredric Remington

Howard Pyle

Jessie Willcox Smith

A.B. Frost

Edward Penfield

Charles Dana Gibson  ( I bought the books because I like his art as well as Christy and Fisher)

Howard Chandler Christy

F.X. Leyendecker

Harrison Fisher

Louis Loeb

WM. Thomas Smedley

Orson Lowell

Willard Ortlip

Edward Penfield

Philip R. Goodwin

Thorton Oakley

Penrhyn Stanlaws

Chas. A. MacLellan

Henry Hutt

Edward Windsor Kemble

Nicholas P. Zarokilli

W. J. Atlward

Henry Reuterdahl

Arthur Keller

Albert Sterner

If you want to see more photos of the book please mail me

English text

Cover is damaged, cover page is creased,  there is a read stamp mark on the bottom of the page. ( it is a name stamp in Japanese) see photos.  Prints are nice. First 3 prints have edge ware, last print of the book (a Remington)  is creased but as luck would have it this… print is a duplicate.  Was it in error that there are 2 of the same print?

I can only mail express mail due to the value and the weight,  it’s a hefty book, so please choose EMS at check out.