Vintage Early 1960s Sun Picture King Flex Camera Astroboy Testuwan Atom


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Date showa 30s (1955 to 1964)

size 6.3 x 1.8 x 10 cm  same as box of playing cards

No rips or dents.

Comes with light sensitive photo paper, negative drawing on onion(?) paper.   Atom is not on the negative paper

This toy is just an amazing idea.  The idea is to open the window on the front, take a sheet of the photo thermal paper and place the negative drawing on the paper, then place both under the window (The window is a 3mm thick sheet of glass!) and expose to light. after a few minutes BAM! a photo print of your favorite character.
The last photo is a sample off a blog page from my researching about this.

It is in Japanese but here it is