If You Look Long and Hard Enough…..

….you will eventually find whatever you are looking for.  I truly believe this.  I am not a person who buys the first thing that catches my eye.  I can wait.  And waiting paid off.  About 2 years ago I found Amazing Fantasy 15 in a small book store in Saitama (about 2 hours away from Tokyo.)

I couldn’t believe it!   This has been my dream comic since I was 12 years old.  I just kept staring at it behind the counter.  I thought this has to be expensive, I mean, the store dealt in rare books. But I couldn’t stop looking at the comic that has the debut of Spider-man! Finally, I asked to see it, and the guy just nonchalantly tossed it to me.  No gloves, and the comic was in a kitchen bag.  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

The cover had some creases but no rips….the back cover had a small chunk taken out from it.  Inside, no loose pages, cut outs or writing. And it had something I haven’t experienced in years, old comic book smell.  Enchanting.

I asked how much it was just so I could get on with my shopping.  And like all great Japanese shop keepers he just replied, “it’s expensive.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this  either told to me or me ease dropping on conversations.   What a sales pitch.   Usually it ends with owner saying the price,  in such a way that, he too is surprised how much it is.

“Ok. but how much?”

“Its old.”

“Oooookaaay but how much?”

After a long thought he said “20,000 yen ($200).”

Without thinking I yelled “SOLD!”
He looked very surprised, bagged it up and thanked me. I wonder if he thought… HA! sucker.

That was the longest train ride home ever.  I didn’t let go of my backpack the whole ride back.

So if you look hard enough and long enough you will find almost anything you are looking for.  It only took me 30 years to find this. Now to find Action #1 and Detective #27.